31 Days of Grace | Day 1 – My Grace

It’s that time of year again!

What time is that, you ask?

Why it’s Nester time of course ;)  Last year, I attempted my first run at 31 Days of blogging encouraged by The Nester.  I made about 17 days.  You can find them here.

This year, I’m trying again.  A quick little prayer from you all might help a girl who sometimes often fails to follow through with long term commitments.  Yes, I do consider 31 days long term when it’s every.single.day ;)

Moving right along, The Nester encourages bloggers to choose one topic and write about it every day for the 31 days of October.  This year, I hope you’ll join me through the month of October.  My choice topic this year is … Grace!

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And for my first post in this series, I want to share with you, my Grace…

She’s a little over three feet tall, and barely tips the scale above thirty pounds.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  She’s full of spirit, joy and spunk.

Her name is Olivia Grace.

We knew her middle name would be Grace long before we ever knew she’d even be a part of our lives.  We knew over nine years ago, when we found out were were pregnant with our second child.  We had decided if it was a boy, he’d be Caleb James.  If it was a girl, she’d be Sarah Grace.  Caleb James joined our family that year in September.  Our hearts were instantly in love with that precious little boy.  His big brother, Noah, gleamed at the sight of his new baby brother.  He was proud.  Life was good.

It wasn’t long though before I knew our family was still incomplete.  We had struggled with infertility already so this time, we were determined to try again right away for a third child.  After a year, sadness set in.  After two years, hope was almost gone.  After three years, I had given up.  I moved on.  Still, a part of me ached for the missing piece in our puzzle.

One night, I had a dream, one of those so real you can’t believe it was a dream.  It will filled with emotions and love.  In the dream, I gave birth to a baby girl who came with a name, Olivia.  Later in the dream, she aged right along with my boys.  I saw her riding in a shopping cart with the cutest little pigtails and the boys were walking along side her.  When I woke up and told the hubby about this dream, he said, “Well, that settles it, when we have our little girl, we’ll call her Olivia Grace.”

There was never a question of her name, only of when we’d finally get to meet her.  Many times I cried out to God that if we weren’t meant to have another child, he would take away those desires.  I begged Him to give me peace with it all but those prayers weren’t answered.  Now I realize it’s because He wasn’t done with our family but it was in His time that we would meet our precious little girl.  Five years and two months after we were blessed with Caleb, Olivia Grace entered our world.


I write more about her than the boys, probably because I have done the most growing since our family has been complete (or perhaps it’s because she’s the baby of the family, or because she’s the only girl).  In the past few years, God has completely changed my world.  I definitely have peace now that our family is complete.  I am able to see the many ways God has orchestrated things in my life, for good, for His glory.

As I mentioned, we chose Olivia because of the dream I had.  Some might say it was just a dream, but in my heart, I believe that was God’s way of telling me that someday, I would meet that little girl and that was her name.  Grace was Tony’s grandmothers name.  We chose Grace because of her.  As I have grown closer in my relationship with Christ, Olivia Grace’s name carries even more meaning.  She’s a reminder to me of the grace God has given me.  She is my Grace but I can’t wait to share with you, 31 days of God’s grace!

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2 Thoughts on “31 Days of Grace | Day 1 – My Grace

  1. Love this. What a wonderful story about your dream. God gave me a similar dream a year before our son, Patrick was born. We were hoping for a baby for more than a year. In my dream, I met Jesus on a beach. He handed me my son and told me his name. God is amazing.
    By the way, we are neighbors at 31 Days. I’m on the line just above you at the end. I stopped by to say hello, but couldn’t help sharing.

    • Donna,

      What a beautiful image of meeting your son! Thank you for sharing that :) I look forward to visiting your blog often. Keep in touch!

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