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Hi!  I am the imperfect princess :)  I hope you’ll find just what you’re looking for here!

I’m Jen, a Jesus lovin’ southern gal, wife to Tony & mom to Noah, Caleb & Olivia Grace and a fur baby, “Izzie.”  We live in a small town in North Carolina (Yep, down here in the “Bible Belt”).  I’m a mommy 24/7, full-time student, writer, speaker, and Bible study teacher, photographer, and forever growing in grace, knowledge and faith.

Life hasn’t always been grand, in fact much of it has been quite the opposite but through much trial and error, I’ve learned that where I’ve been is what has brought me to where I am and there’s no place I’d rather be!

I admit, I’ve questioned God and His purpose for my life.  I’ve turned my back on Him and held onto anger, shame, guilt and fear.  There have been many times when I felt unloved or unworthy of God’s love.  It has not been an easy road and I still have days when I begin to ask those same questions.  The difference now is that rather than answering those questions on my own, I turn to God instead of turning away from Him.  I seek His word through my Bible and through my prayers.  It seems to be working :)

You may not be in the place I am now.  You may be where I use to be…in a dark, scary place, filled with fear, hopelessness, worry.  You may be angry at yourself or with God.  You may be ashamed of the choices you’ve made or the things others have done to you.  My prayer is that no matter what place you are in, you will be able to find some peace, comfort and hope through the thoughts and feelings I have shared here.

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Why the Imperfect Princess?

All my life I have been imperfect.  Most of my life, I believed that made me broken, not good enough for God.  In recent years, I have learned just the opposite.  It’s through our imperfections that God can use us!  I am so thankful to be His Imperfect Princess!


Here’s a copy of my first post here to let you know where I was when this little corner of my world began…

Grab some coffee, pull up a chair and sit a while…

First off, I’m just a 30-something mom of 3, wife, photographer and simple girl from a small town living in a big world.  For a long time, I’ve felt God was leading me somewhere, I just didn’t know where.  Things are starting to look more clear now and I think I’m heading in the right direction which somehow brought me here!

Just another day .. that’s what I thought when I woke up this morning.  Isn’t that how our whirl wind of busy days and crazy lives usually feel .. just another busy, crazy day.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity for some quiet time after I first got up.  I grabbed my morning coffee aka Diet Coke (I know, I know – it’s terrible for ya but I admit, I’m addicted).  I sat down at my dining room table, laptop nearby, Bible, book from my current Bible study, pen & journal.  The 3 little people that call me mom sat quietly in the living room watching random morning cartoons.  I know, great parenting huh?  This thing we call television does make a decent baby sitter when I really need some morning quiet time.  Perhaps the tv was my morning glory today :)

While going through my current Bible study, from the book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner by Wendy Blight, I was answering some of the questions in the back which sent me on a little trip through my Bible reading stories about when God first came to Moses and his first calling to Jeremiah.  Never had I read these stories with such an open heart and mind to what God was saying/doing.

This morning, I realized that I’m not the only person with doubts…even Moses had doubts…Moses?!

Yes, even Moses!

So while reading, I realize that even with all my insecurities, doubts, fears, etc. God can still use me.

Yes, even me!

So, here I am, starting a new journey, a journey of where I’ve been, the darkness I’ve hidden from, the light God has brought me into and the future I have with Him by my side.  I hope you’ll take this walk with me!