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Hand in hand…


The moment she came into the world, there was a look upon his face.




You could see it in his eyes.  He would never be the same.

Today, she is three and three quarters.  For almost four years, she has had his heart. 

As the other woman, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For years, I longed to see this side of him.  With our two boys, he’s been firm and rightly so.  It’s rules and sticking to them.  It’s simply less tender.  I ached to see this gentle side, one I had seen in other dads with little girls but one I had never experienced because my own father left before I was born.

She giggles.  He grins.

She tickles.  He jumps.

She dances.  He holds her hand.

She sings.  He’s her biggest fan.

She talks.  He listens.

She snuggles.  His arms embrace her.

She is safe.  She is loved.  She is his little girl.  It’s an amazing sight to see.  It melts my heart over and over again.

They have taught me so much about my own life and my walk with the Lord. 

You see, as he walks hand in hand with her, I realize, God has held my hand many times.  He has walked with me through fires.  He has been there to pick me up.  He’s wiped away my tears.  He’s carried me through the darkness.  He has given me life.

Every time I watch them walk side by side, hand in hand…
When I see him smiling down at her…
When she looks at him with awe…
When he holds her in his arms…
As he protects her and loves her…

It serves as a reminder that everything I’ll ever need in a father is right here waiting for me to reach out and grasp.  He will never let me go.

Colton Dixon “Never Gone”

Jesus never ever left you
Never ever left you, no.
He sees us, even in the darkness
Now you know you’re not alone.

I’m still standing here
No I didn’t disappear
Now the lights are on
See I was never gone
I let go of your hand
To help you understand
With you all along
Oh, I was never gone



2012: A Year In Review…

 It’s been a roller coaster kind of year.  Our family has experienced many blessings while at the same time, we’ve faced many trials.  Through it all, we’ve grown closer together and closer to God.

My year began with turmoil between friends.  It was difficult facing the reality that relationships don’t always last forever.  I realized that I needed to put my focus on moving forward in my life, building and growing my relationship with Christ and let go of the life I was trying to hold on to.  My heart still aches for the losses but I know I am growing and going in the direction God has laid in front of me.

Our boys are doing great in school.  They both excel and we are very proud of their accomplishments.  Our oldest, Noah, enjoys Math, Spanish and Chess Club.  Math, Science and Soccer top the list for our second, Caleb.  Miss Olivia has several years before school begins but among her favorite daily activities are anything Dora, lots of dollhouse fun, drawing and writing.  She is quite the social butterfly and has most certainly never met a stranger.

In July, we faced our biggest struggle in years.  Our home was broken into while Tony was away at work and the kids and I were out with friends for a 4th of July celebration and fireworks.  We came home to broken doors, busted walls, shattered lamps, and many of our favorites taken.  One of those that I struggled with most was my laptop.  Most of you know my life revolves around my computer – both my work life with my photography business as well as my God called life with this blog.  I lost so much stuff and worried about the information someone else now had.  We got through it with no other explanation than God saw us through it.  I leaned on His word, prayed like crazy and found an overwhelming peace through it.  I won’t say it isn’t still hard.  I still struggle and worry but God has proven to be my Prince of Peace.  I don’t think I will ever get back to the stage where I’m not constantly checking doors and windows, hiding my pocket book and laptop in my own home and feeling just a lack of security.  It’s not a constant worry, but more of just a change in life.

We also faced mounting auto repair bills and the death of our beloved Minivan.  What, at first, seemed like the end of the world and led to one of my little mommy rants, soon turned into such a blessing from the Lord and I was quickly reminded that His plans are far better than my own.  We said goodbye to our Oldsmobile Silhouette and introduced an almost brand new Kia Sedona to our family.

And speaking of introducing newness to the family, we also added another family member this year.  After our break-in in July and a little convincing to Tony, we visited the local Animal Shelter.  While there, we fell in love with this quiet, sweet, beautiful Border Collie mix.  She’s been a great addition to the family (shy of all the hair!) and is quite vocal when she wants something!  She has made us all feel a little more secure here at home and for that, I am so thankful.  If we can survive the hair and daily vacuuming, I believe she will be our “fur”ever friend!

Throughout 2012, I had the opportunity to lead several evening classes at church.  I look forward to continuing with that in 2013.  It has been such a blessing to me.  I have learned so much through teaching and it’s only fueled the desire to continue pursuing writing, speaking and teaching.

A few weeks ago, my mom, Olivia and I, had the opportunity to visit my great aunt Henny.  She had been moved to Hospice House.  It was a great visit and her mind was as sharp as ever.  She loved on Olivia and what a joy it was to see the two of them together.  Last week, she earned her wings and we said goodbye to a strong, loving, beautiful woman!

Tony continues to work with the Fire Department.  He recently faced his toughest call of the year when a nine year old boy died in a house fire.  Please say a prayer for Lareik’s family as well as his school family and the emergency workers that responded.  

The boys and I spent an evening packing gifts for local families.  It’s part of an annual ministry ran through some folks from our church and a group called Toolin’ in Town.  Saturday morning the boys and I loaded up with many other volunteers and we distributed these toys to families in town.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing it was to see the smiles on these kids faces.  Many of them won’t get anything more than the gifts we gave them.  What a joy it is to be a part of this and to know my boys are learning to not only help others, but to reach out to them with love, encouragement and understanding.  

My blog is growing and I hope that you have gained something through my year.  I know God has done a lot of work in me through this place.  I look forward to what God has in store for me in 2013.  I pray that I continue to grow closer to Him and seek Him with all my heart.  I pray that for you as well!

On top of the kids list wish list this Christmas are…

Olivia – Hello Kitty anything, Baby Alive walking baby, Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse
Caleb – Monopoly Millionaire, money & jeans
Noah – Tablet, money, phone

We’ll see tomorrow if they’ve all been good enough for their Christmas wishes.  I have a feeling they won’t be disappointed ;)

I’m signing off until 2013 but first…

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31 Days | Day 16 – Obviously!

Oh these two year olds…

After eating breakfast and leaving a little cereal in the bowl, I asked Olivia if she was finished.  She answered yes but just before I dumped what was left, I asked again to be sure and she replied, “Obviously!”

Well, obviously I wasn’t aware that she even knew that word.

Obviously by the number of fun quotes from the two year old, she talks a lot more than the boys in this house.

Obviously I am in big trouble when she becomes a teenager!

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31 Days | Day 13 – Colorful Blankets

Have you ever had that moment when you realized you just stole the joy from your child?  I have and it’s a hard one to digest.

A couple weeks ago, we heard the excitement in Olivia’s voice as she showed off her fancy made bed to her brothers.  The boys had cleaned and made their beds early in the evening and she wanted to be a big kid like them and do hers all by herself.  She proudly came running into the living room shouting to her dad and I …

“I made my bed!  It’s pretty colors!  Come see!  Come see!”

Of course we went without hesitation to her bedroom.  There, we found about 10 multicolored baby blankets neatly flattened across her bed.  She had done such a wonderful job getting them just right.  I praised her on a job well done and her great choice of colors and asked, “Are you going to sleep under all those pretty colors tonight?”  She quickly replied, “Yep!”

In a completely innocent attempt to give her something special, I said, “Hang on, I have something special for you!”  

I ran to the closet and pulled out the most special blanket.  My grandmother did a lot of sewing.  My mother kept many of my grandmothers fabrics.  She had cut out some Holly Hobby dolls (the profile view of the little country girl wearing a bonnet) and never did anything with them.  Well, several years ago, my mom had a large quilt made for me with those dolls and before we ever even knew about Olivia, she also had a toddler blanket made from them, just in case I ever had a little girl :)

I went in Olivia’s room with this awesome little blanket I’d been dying to give her.  I started to remove her beautiful arrangement of blankets and place the new blanket on her bed.  With excitement, I said, “Here, this is a very special blanket that Nana had made just for you!  Don’t you love it?”

To my dismay, she didn’t.  I had ruined her moment.  Although I had the best of intentions, I had minimized the specialness of her sweet combination of colorful blankets arranged so perfectly on her little bed.

In the end, she did love her new blanket special from Nana.  And for years to come, I will remind her just how special it is that it’s made from my Nana’s fabric and a gift from her Nana. 

Right now, this was a reminder to me though, to enjoy her moments, for her.  To let her have her moments and to build her up through her own creativity.  It was an awakening that I don’t have to fix everything or try to make everything better.  Sometimes things are just right the way she chooses.

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31 Days | Day 11 – Rice Krispies

So there’s a local restaurant called Rice Fun.  My kids never seem to want to eat there when that choices is thrown out, however, once there, they’re always glad we came.  Yesterday Nana came to visit and we decided to go to Rice Fun for lunch.  Olivia overheard our conversation about where to eat and politely said, “I don’t want to go to Rice Krispies!”  

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31 Days | Day 10 – Her Coat

So the sweet things our kids do always melt my heart.  The compassion and love they have just amazes me.  Sadly, it seems to fade over the years but I hope it’s something they will grow in and regain.

Yesterday, while looking for a coat, Olivia said, “You can wear my coat!”  I asked her if she really thought I could and she said, “Yes, and it’s pretty too!”

I am most definitely too big for her coat, but how thoughtful was she?  She was ready and willing to provide me with warmth – and pretty to top it off!

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