The Name Game!

So with the new look all finished, it’s time to lose the name.
Can you help a girl out?
I need something fun, fresh and full of glory for the new .com name.  I’ve tried a bazillion things like:
etc.  and yes, those are all taken :(  Needless to say, there must be a lot of cool Jen/Jenny Armstrong’s in the world cause there’s sure a lot of domains taken w/ the name.  I ran into that issue years ago when I started my photography website which is why is has the long, boring, confusing domain of
Nice, huh?
So, this is where I need your help.  I need some suggestions.  I really do like the name Morning Glory but I’m not opposed to changing the blog name to suit a domain name.  It’s still new enough that it will fly just fine.
I’m fine w/ using a Bible verse as well but I prefer it to be something that has to do with glory, joy, prayer, prayer in the morning, etc.  You get the idea, right?
Do you have any wonderful suggestions for me?  If I pick your name, there just might be some kind of goodie involved!

Some of my own thoughts are…
(right now, this is the one that stands out most to me but is it too long?  I like something along these lines best – something fun or a little catchy!  For me the thought on this is He is King and I am His princess.  I am not and never will be perfect, thus the imperfect part.  Is this too out there or once people get the drift of my blog, the name will make sense?  Thoughts?)

Something with mom in it would be okay – or  Better suggestions there are much encouraged, welcomed and appreciated ;)
(this is along the lines of morning glory but I wouldn’t want the assumption that it is a daily devotional of psalms and that’s kind of the feel I get from the name. How about you?)
(though with so many awesome jen’s out there would this be overkill & confusing?)
(I like this okay but would the hyphen be too awkward? Not girlie enough?)

Oh boy!  I feel like I’m naming a child – well, this will be my baby for years to come ;)  It would be much easier if I were using my maiden name which is hard to spell and pronounce, HA!

Please help a girl out!
Yours truly, 

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